Carpet Collection Co., Ltd.

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Carpet Collection Company Limited


CARPET COLLECTION is a name that reflects our eclecticism and versatility in making carpets. Like you, we also love head to heels individualised interior furnishings. We thus make carpets with custom design, colours and specifications, tailoring to peoples' aesthetic appeals. That means responding to the furnishing desires of people with many different aspirations, ideas, tastes and necessities.

Making differentiated products does generate some complications. But, to this end, we serve all projects with our staff members who have maintained competitive edges by possessing experience and know-how in quantity surveying, installation and site management. However, what is the most important is that, we take pride in working with you to breathe individuality and creativity into interior furnishings.

We think you are also interested in knowing that, compared with the standardised carpets, we make our custom design carpets without any additional cost.

We provide five types of carpets with good design and functions:

-Handtufted carpet 

-Pass-machine tufted carpet  

-Axminster carpet 

-Tufting carpet 

-Carpet tiles

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